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Oblivskaya district is located in the northeastern part of the area at a distance of 360 km from Rostov -on-Don ( Rostov Region Map ) . Its territory is bordered by the Volgograd region . Next to the area of the city located in the neighboring region , and the distance from the administrative center - the village Oblivskaya - to Volgograd (183 km) in two times less than to Rostov-on -Don.
The favorable geographical position Oblivsky region on the border of two regions complements developed transport infrastructure . Its territory is crossed by railways and highways linking the two regions .
The nearest major population center to Art. Oblivskaya refers Surovikino city of Volgograd region , 38 km away . The district's area also borders with the Soviet , and Morozovskie Milutinsky Rostov region. Oblivskaya cities closest to the field are Morozovsk (distance 91 km) , Belaya Kalitva (186 km) , Volgodonsk (197 km). Population density - 9.1 pers. / Km 2 .
Long pride of the district - watermelon - reflected on his coat of arms , flag. The vast majority of the population is engaged in agriculture and in the food processing industry .
History Oblivsky region spans over two and a half centuries . So, in rough drafts collected historian ethnographer HI Popov stated that the farm in Dripping Chir began to be populated with 1744 . On the one hand he was surrounded by the river Chir , on the other hand numerous lakes . During the spring flood farm is cut off from the land , and often flooded with water. Hence the name of this Cossack farm - drenching , farm later moved to higher ground , but the name remained , and still lives .
Brief Historical Background
1744 . Grounds Farm Dripping
1868 . Opening the church , consecrated in the name of Nicholas the Wonderworker
1869 . In parochial school has 33 student
1879 . In the hamlet live 629 Cossacks
1881 . Opens Oblivskaya postal station
1900 . The railroad Tsaritsyn - Lehigh Station Oblivskaya
1909 . Installed post and telegraph line
1913 . Starts to act calm with a country doctor and a paramedic
1915 . At the expense of the parishioners built St. Nicholas Church
1919 . In the hamlet act three lower schools, literary and drama club , church library , more than 50 retail shops , 17 granaries .
1919 . June 21 , a gathering of Cossacks , which resolved: converted farmhouse in the village Oblivskaya Oblivsky .
1922 . In Oblivskaya Parish 49 settlements
1924 . Formed Oblivskaya area
1937 . Entry Oblivsky region of the Rostov region
1942 . From July 30 to December 31, the area is in occupation. Destroyed all the objects of the national economy
1990 . Unbundling Oblivsky region by allocating the Soviet area.
Currently Cossacks peacefully coexist with representatives from more than 30 nationalities living Oblivskaya area . Edge is open to tourists , which may attract the attention of the unique nature of the area - coniferous forests and rivers , sand and steppe.

Environment and resources

Oblivskaya district is located in the temperate continental climate with large amplitude average monthly temperatures .
About 90 % of the land area are agricultural lands . Of all agricultural land arable land occupies 59.5% .
Climate features predetermine large proportion of winter crops in crop production . They also create some difficulties in obtaining stable high yields of crops .
Despite this, in the area successfully grown crops , sunflower, buckwheat, mustard, potatoes, vegetables, melons and gourds , fodder crops . The area is located in the transition zone of southern chernozems to chestnut soils .
The main water artery territory - Chir River , Birch and Masha .
Feature Chira - alternating series lake- extensions ( " cascade of lakes " ) , having a length of 0.5 to 3 km, with a width of 20 to 50 m and depths from 1.5 - 4 m, and a very small current. Before and after the lake- river channel extensions narrow 2 - 5 m, with a strong current, depth from 0.5 to 1.5 m At such sites are not rare rapids , sometimes they follow each other .
Chir River - one of the cleanest rivers since its banks are no industrial enterprise. It has deposits or green glauconite sands . Their composition is a special mineral - glauconite , which contains more than 20 chemical elements , which gives a green color sand , as well as the invaluable ability to absorb salts and dyes , thereby fresh and purifying the water . This sand is also considered a raw material for extraction of potassium salts.
Long before the founding of settlements on the banks of this river was a brisk trade , even the appearance of these settlements was predestined need them transport trade route .
Oblivskaya district is in the northern zone of thermal power groundwater. Thermal water at the depth of 880 m and high mineralization . The region has deposits of sand and clay . Developed two sandy career total of 3 hectares , clay pit area of ??6 hectares .
Oblivskaya district stands out among the other territories of the region by the presence of sand. Growing on their plantations , primarily coniferous forests give to shape the district a unique flavor .

Transport connection

The district is crossed road of regional significance " Oblivskaya - Soviet - Bokovskaya - Karginsky" binds Oblivskaya area with Northern Territories Region. The total length of roads of regional significance - 120.73 km .
Extent of municipal inter-settlement roads is 120.8 km , including asphalt - 106 km .
All central manor farms area associated with the regional center of roads paved.
In Art. Oblivskaya railway station is Oblivskaya Privolzhskaya Railway , laid in 1900 . Road built joint-stock company " DYMS " ( Donetsk- Yurievskoe Metallurgical Society ) , which was controlled by the Anglo- French -Belgian capital.

Key economic Oblivsky region

Agriculture - the leading industry of the district's economy .
At the beginning of 2013 there are 25 agricultural enterprises , 78 (peasant) farms , 7292 private farms .
Area of ??agricultural land in the area is 181,251 hectares, of which 59.29 % is occupied arable land . The main directions of the development of agriculture is the production of grain, primarily winter wheat , sunflower, corn , mustard, buckwheat. Grown potatoes, vegetables, melons .
The main producers of agricultural products are: CJSC " Oblivskaya Selkhozkhimiya ", JSC " Oblivskaya ", JSC " Kirov ", OAO " Lobachevsky " SEC " Sandy ", LLC " Oblivskaya Food Terminal " OJSC, " ear" , SEC (collective farm ) "Dawn" .
The main producers of crop production are: CJSC " Oblivskaya Selkhozkhimiya ", JSC " Oblivskaya ", JSC " Kirov ", OAO " Lobachevsky " SEC " Sandy ", LLC " Oblivskaya Food Terminal " OJSC, " ear" , SEC (collective farm ) " dawn " .
Gross cereal production in 2013 amounted to 83.0 thousand tons, with an average yield of 18.6 q / ha .
The first time in recent years in all categories of farms observed growth in livestock production , both in volume and value terms. As of January 1, 2014 livestock production in all categories of farms area amounted to 2012 levels : livestock and poultry of all kinds of live weight - 105.1 %, milk - 103.1 % , eggs - 117.4 %.
Industrial enterprises of the district made ??bread and bakery products , butter and vegetable , confectionery , mustard , printed products , asphalt .
Major industrial enterprises Oblivsky region - OOO " Fresh bread ", LLC " Fresh bread - K" , CJSC "Milk ", LLC " Teplovodokanal " SUE RO " Oblivsky DRSU ."

Engineering infrastructure

Work continues on the gasification Oblivsky region .
In 2013, 66 apartments gasified , commissioned 16 residential buildings with a total area of ??3455.2 square meters. meters.
Length of electricity in Oblivsky region is 1099.1 km , including 10 kV - 437.38 km, VL -0, 4 kV -574.13 km . The length of electric resistivity Oblivsky plot of " Donenergo" KMES Morozovska RES total is 90.6 km, including 10 kV - 22.38 km, VL -0, 4 kV - 68.13 km, 10 kV cable -0, 09km . The length of electrical department NEPS Rostovenergo just is 1008.5 km, including : VL-0, 4 kV , 506 km, 10 kV , 415 km, 35 kV overhead line -83 , 8 km, 110 kV overhead line 3, 7 km .
Length of water pipelines is 108.9 km .
The length of sewerage networks - 0.5 km , thermal networks - 16.4 km . In general utilities in Oblivsky region are in satisfactory condition . Wear heat supply networks of Art. Oblivskaya is 80% of water supply networks - 80%. The whole infrastructure of the area is maintainable . Power increase, infrastructure expansion is possible with additional funding . 

labor potential

Population Oblivsky region - 18,2 thousand people , including 11 million people ( 60.4%) - working . About 10.0 thousand people, or 54.8 % of total area residents live in st. Oblivskaya .
Social situation in Oblivsky region in recent years has remained stable . This contributes to the gradual growth of employment and a rising standard of living area.

social services

District Education Network includes : 6 secondary educational institutions with 10 branches in schools ; 5 preschools with 2 branches (kindergarten " Kovylek " and kindergarten "Ray " ), 2 additional education institutions (home of children's creativity , children's sports school) .
In public schools, students enrolled in 1613 , 17.4 % of children enrolled in the second shift .
Preschool education on January 1, 2014 covered 552 pupil.
Cultural services in the area provide 39 Oblivsky institution. In 2013, 3595 held cultural and leisure activities with a total of 194.7 thousand visitors .
Medical services in the area have Oblivsky : Central Regional Hospital , 18 obstetric units , 1 nursing home , 1 ambulance .
Striking landmark of the village is Oblivskaya St. Nicholas Church .
St. Nicholas Church was built in 1914 to replace the old wooden one, built in 1868 . The temple is built of red brick, spacious, with excellent acoustics , wall murals. Construction cost was 50,000 rubles - money in those days are huge. Temple built by the residents of the hamlet and donations merchants Lev Ivanovich Mochalova and Alexander L. Mochalova merchant Simeon Dmitrievich Tishkov . In the church , there were 145 volumes of library books to read.
The total area of ??542.7 sqm temple
Temple closed twice , was used as a gym , then - as a furniture warehouse. Was partially destroyed . In 1989 , at the request of residents , the church was transferred to the use of the Russian Orthodox Church . The temple is an architectural monument of the early twentieth century and is listed in the register of monuments of local importance.
In 1994 , the 250th anniversary of the village was opened museum of local lore of the village , which is located in an old house of the merchant Dementieva . Its predecessor was the school museum in OSOSH number 2, which for many years to create VF Avsetsina .
In the museum you can learn about the history of the village and the region, see antique household items and photographs, paintings by local artists , decorative and applied arts , herbaria , stuffed animals and birds , and many other items collected by enthusiasts and donated to the museum . The museum has about two thousand exhibits
In its work, the museum staff not only retain the traditional methods of work - a museum tour and lecture about the history of the region , but also the use of new forms of work - excursions to the monuments and historical places of the area is very popular among shkolnokov village .

Investment activities

Oblivsky district administration measures are being taken to increase investment and to attract potential investors.
  Organizational and legal conditions established in the territory Oblivsky region , contribute to the implementation of effective investment activity with minimal investment risks .
In Oblivsky region Investment Board operates under the Head of Administration Oblivsky region . The main task of the named advisory body is to promote investment activity subjects in the early realization of investment ideas .
Oblivsky district administration is actively cooperating with potential investors.
Investors we offer three investment areas :
• Industrial Zone , the territory of a former brickworks .
The site is located on the territory of Oblivsky region , Art. Oblivskaya industrial zone at a distance of 4.5 km from the motorway , 300 meters - the railway, river port - 180 km .
Type site : vacant land with the ruins of the enterprise.
Owner of the enterprise ( organization) Administration Oblivsky region .
• Industrial Zone , the area of the former tank farm .
The site is located on the territory of Oblivsky region , Art. Oblivskaya str. Kalimanova , 20, Industrial Zone at a distance of 5 km from the motorway , 150 meters - the railway, river port - 180 km .
Type site : vacant land to a satisfactory state capital buildings of the former company.
Owner of the enterprise ( organization) Administration Oblivsky region .
• Industrial Zone , the territory of the former poultry farm .
The site is located on the territory of Oblivsky region , etc. Medium Cheer Industrial Zone, 7 km away from the motorway, 3 km - railway, river port - 180 km .
Type site : vacant land with the ruins of the enterprise.
Owner of the enterprise ( organization) Administration Oblivsky region .
Administration Oblivsky region invites everyone to cooperate.
Information portal Oblivsky region and Art. Oblivskaya : http://www.oblivsk.ru








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